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Warehouse Management System is best suitable for SMEs to manage agriculture warehouses. It allows inward and outward entries and also allows quick generation of Cash Receipts and Vouchers with related reports. It also generates proper reports by considering Inward and Outward Entries. Also manage entire fumigation process with their detailed reports.

Awesome Features

  • 01Inward And Outward Entries

    The warehouse management provides a straightforward and user-friendly module. You can add new entries for inward data in specific format. Inward entries contains detail information about inbound items with their detailed quantity and price. Similarly in outbound entry it contain detail information about item and agent. By using warehouse it is easy to handle in which you just enter inward number it gives entire details automatically.

  • Based on previous data gathered. Cash receipt used to provide receipt of outward entries. Warehouse gives you readymade work. In cash receipt when you enter outward number it gives the entire details. In report provides all functionality like update, delete and print the report with each element search option.

  • Fumigation are employed to control insects and diseases. In warehouse it shows structured godown and lot plotting with their fumigation completed date. Also provides the detailed fumigation report with their charges.

  • Reports show us our overall level of productivity. Warehouse offers a variety of reports. It keeps track of each inward, outward, and stock reports in date wise. Likewise, keep up with your party wise, agent wise, and item wise reports. The fumigation report shows us details about fumigation.


Warehouse Modules


Insurance detail




Cash Receipt



Inward Report

Outward Report

Stock Report

Party Wise Report

Item Wise Report

Cash Wise Report

Fumigation Report

Agent Wise Report

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Clients Testimonial

Aditya Bhosle


Warehouse provide amazing features like an inward-outward design and a fumigation module. Reports provide all functionality, including the ability to alter, remove, and print them.

Santosh gule

Product Manager

The whole software is very great. Using the real-time dashboard, you can easily check how everything is going. Additionally, the inward-outward flow and fumigation are simply constructed.

Prashant Sindagi

Managing Director

I'm glad I made the decision to work with them. It is quite amazing how easy it is to manage and update your applications. I do not have any problems at all. Now i'm so happy.

Dilip Shinde,

Managing Director

I had used a couple of other software before this one, but warehouse software is fantastic. These features are really great. This software is the best I've used among all of them.


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