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About App

Agrikhata App is specifically desigend to Manage the Business of APMC Commission Agent to Manage their Business with ease. It stores the overall Inward & Outward Transactions, Collections Entries and Generate Reports like Outstanding Report, Cash and Credit Report etc. It allows owner to manage their business using Desktop and Mobile too.

Awesome Features

Through our digital platform and network of service partners, we promote agricultural transactions. AgriKhata offers solutions for product quality checks, end-to-end logistical services, and online payments between buyers and sellers.

  • 01Real-time dashboard

    Real time dashboard is used for quick analysis the data and it's simple to understand.

  • You can add new entries for inward data, quantity, and price in the inward and outward module, and it will automatically calculate the total amount.

  • Maintaining prior data or collections is crucial, which is why we created a new function called outstanding entry.


Detailed Features

Agrikhata App provides a straightforward and user-friendly module. Also give notification via SMS.

SMS Alerts

AgriKhata Send important notification through SMS, To Make Alert The Customer.


AgriKhata offers a variety of reports. It keeps track of each client, farmer, and item reports in date wise.

Customer Statement And Customer Ledger

In customer statement we provide sales record according to customer with print, excel and pdf format. Also we provide ledger report.


Here we provide specific field wise Registeration like Customer Registeration, Farmer Registeration and Item Registeration

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Client's Testimonials

Aditya Bhosle


"We created a great software for managing accounts. We value their meticulousness and originality in bringing our new exhibit to life online."

Santosh gule


AgriKhata provides solutions for online payments between buyers and sellers, end-to-end logistical services, product quality checks and many more options.

Prashant Sindagi

Managing Director

You made it seem so easy. The Agrikhata application is incredibly quicker and simpler to use. I simply select the desired page, make my changes, and click save. I am now overjoyed with my application.

Dilip Shinde,

Managing Director

I'm happy I chose to collaborate with them. How simple it is to manage and update your applications is truly fantastic. I never experience any sort of issue.

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